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At Holy Saturday I went to my village.At night my family and I went to the church for the Resurrection.At 00:00 all the people had many fireworks.Then we went to my house and we ate magiritsa.At Easter Sunday's morning I played football with my friends.At midday I went to my grandma's house.All my family was there.We ate a lot of meat

My Easter Holidays

My holidays was great! I went to my grandparents and I had a good time. There were my family, my aunt, my uncle and my cousins. On Holy Saturday we went all together to the church for the Resurrection. When we went at home we ate tsoureki and eggs and then we did sleepover. Next day, on Easter Sunday, we ate meat with potatoes and salad. It was the best holidays!

Easter Holidays

The first Saturday of  my holiday l went to my village with my cousin Joanna! After that l returned home and l played some board games with my sister! The other days l hung out with my best friend! On Holy Thursday l had birthday!!!smileyIn my birthday I had really great time because at 12 in the night all of my friends told "Happy Birthday" and many of wishes!  At Easter sunday l was with my family at home. Sister's godfather came too! On Friday l celebrated my birthday and l called all of my friends outside. In my Easter Holiday l have awesome time!!!yes